Sunday, 12 January 2014

Where to start?

Oh my....Where do I start?

This is our small back yard and I have decided to turn it into something other than a dumping ground for junk and dog mess.
The idea is to start with some tubs that I can plant in and then is i need the room for something then I can just move the tubs or pots.
I have had a look at this website called container gardening for food.

This site has given me masses of information I may not go with the large beds but we shall see how we get on.

My idea is to use Tubs like these, available from B&Q and other outlets.

Come back regularly to see my progress there may even be some videos.

Thanks for your visit see you in the next post. :-)
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  1. Look forward to see how you get on Austin. I'm hoping to get stuck into my garden this coming year too, lot's of vegetables for the table, nothing tastes as good as stuff you grow yourself. Good luck with it.